Christine Dannhausen-Brun's

Professional & Volunteer Experience

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Professional Experience

I have 10+ years' experience in research, primarily doing public health and education research related to children and families. My work has included qualitative and quantitative research, instrument development and preventive interventions. My experience includes research at:

  • The Chicago Project for Violence Prevention, now known as Cure Violence, where I was involved in the initial work leading to the development of an epidemiologic approach to violence prevention;

  • LaRabida - University of Chicago Research and Policy Center where I did research on early intervention services and on children with special health care needs including family stress related to caring for a child on a ventilator; and

  • The Johns Hopkins Prevention Research Center, Department of Mental Hygiene at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. My work at Hopkins included managing randomized-control longitudinal research projects of two school-based preventive interventions targeting violence, delinquency, substance abuse and depressive and anxious symptoms in Baltimore City Public Schools.

Volunteer Experience

I have spent the last two decades doing volunteer, committee and philanthropy work for multiple organizations including:

  • Community Consolidated School District 181: PTO committees including the Make A Difference (social and emotional learning), Yearbook, and numerous fundraising committees, numerous years as room parent getting to know teachers and parents

  • Hinsdale Township High School District 86: Final Exam Committee - nearly 2 years of committee work to evaluate finals for seniors, Team Parent for the Hinsdale Central Sailing Team, Lead Team Photographer for the Hinsdale Central Women’s Soccer Team (6 years) - managed team photographers, coordinated photography books for each team, worked with book company 

  • 15 years as a leader in Boy Scouts of America and Girls Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana - Outstanding Girl Scout Leader 2008

  • 10+ years doing development work as a volunteer for Advocate Aurora Christ Medical Center and Advocate Aurora Children’s Hospital

  • 15+ years of volunteer photography work providing photos for the D181 and D86 schools, sports programs, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Previous Board Experience

Six years on the board of Queen of Peace High School, an all girls Catholic high school in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

  • Developed a scholarship endowment program

  • 4 years Executive Committee

  • 2 years Vice President of Board

  • 1 year Board President 

Current Experience
  • Member of the D181 Ad Hoc Health Advisory Committee advising Dr. Garcia on public health metrics regarding schools

  • Member of the Illinois Medical Professionals Action Collaborative Team (IMPACT) - team works to combat mis- and disinformation related to coronavirus and vaccines, vaccine hesitancy, and advocates for the community and health care professionals to bring better organization to how the state is addressing the pandemic

Unique Skills

  • Strong background in data and research - committed to using my understanding of data and research to make data-driven decisions

  • Broad experience in interdisciplinary research and committee work - understand the need to integrate various viewpoints to inform decisions and reach consensus

  • Experience with strategic planning - understand that multiple factors must inform and that factors such as budgets, staffing, and community and capacity issues must all be assessed in decision making

  • Strong willingness to learn and understand a topic, but also the people with whom I am working and for whom I am communicating

  • Willingness to ask tough questions. 

Vision as a Board Member

Our District is an exemplary District within Illinois and across the country as evidenced by the numerous Department of Education Blue Ribbon Awards for academics and physical education. We consistently rank high on numerous metrics to assess schools. Our community is passionate about education and expects much from our District, board, faculty and staff. As a Board member I will support the District in maintaining these high standards.

My vision for the D181 Board is that:

  • Decisions are data-driven and evidence-based.

  • Our curriculum meets each child where they are at in the current moment and that District standards are malleable enough to let each child move to a different path when the time is right. Children do not all develop at the same pace or the same age.

  • Our curriculum allows all children to have the opportunity to explore their interests, be appropriately challenged and understand how to be inquisitive, life-long learners.

  • Our curriculum develops the social and emotional skills of students to become responsible adults.

  • Our District aspires to develop children who value dignity and respect for all people, our community and our planet.

  • Our District continually strives to value the work of our teachers, who are our most important resource in educating our children, and that our District recognizes the unique needs of our teachers and provides the appropriate supports for teachers to succeed at their jobs in the 21st century.

  • Our District uses taxpayer money wisely to maintain the highest of educational standards, resources and facilities while maintaining fiscal responsibility.