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Albert C. Lin, MD FACC, FHRSAssociate Professor of MedicineAssociate Medical Director, Center for Heart Rhythm Disorders at the Bluhm Cardiovascular InstituteNorthwestern Medical Group

Dear Ms. Lannom:


As a long time resident of Hinsdale since 2001 and having two sons (including a current 8th grader at Hinsdale Middle School) attend D181 public schools (Madison Elementary and HMS), I have a deep love and respect for one of the finest school districts in Illinois. D181 was the major reason why we moved to Hinsdale in 2001 from Chicago.


Therefore, the April 2021 D181 Board of Education election will be crucial given the difficulties and unexpected challenges to education created by the COVID19 pandemic.


I wholeheartedly endorse Christine Dannhausen-Brun for the D181 Board of Education. She is a long time resident of Hinsdale with children attending D181 schools for the past 18 years. She has tremendous experience in public health and currently serves on the D181 ad hoc Health Committee advising D181 administration on COVID19. She has experience in school governance having served on the Board of Queen of Peace High School, including one year as Board President. She has volunteer experience in D181 PTO committees. She consistently demonstrates a passion for the wellbeing and success of students in D181.


She has the vision, expertise, and empathy to guide D181 as we emerge from the COVID19 pandemic and navigate the numerous challenges D181 will face.


Christine Dannhausen-Brun has my complete support for the D181 Board of Education.


Sincerely yours,

Albert Lin, MD


Former Principal Madison School, 23 years

Christine Dannhausen-Brun is a highly-qualified candidate for the District 181 Board of Education. She is intelligent, well-read and a hardworking volunteer.  For over 12 years, while her children attended Madison School, we collaborated together in a variety of ways.


Christine is an involved parent in her childrens’ activities, with a wide variety of school endeavors and district initiatives. Her children are very active in Scouts, sports, music, and dance, and she often offers her support. At Madison School, she could be found contributing to a variety of school events and committees. Others could count on her to follow through.  Christine was active with PTO programs and fundraisers. She consistently photographed students at events and her attention to detail was evident in the Yearbook and with publicity.  Christine was also active on District curriculum and program committees.  She is observant and listens to other’s perspectives.  She is a problem solver, often researching related topics for consideration.  Her passion to provide quality learning opportunities, that fully engage students, is evident in all that she was involved with.


I regularly attended BOE meetings and worked with members on various committees.  The staff and I appreciated having members who were respectfully engaged and responsive to research and the diversity of opinions expressed. Intellect, organization and dedication is essential to effectively address the needs of students, staff and families. Christine demonstrates these characteristics and will be a competent BOE member.

Mindy McMahon

Former Principal Madison School


School Nurse, North High School

Former D181 BOE Member

It is with pleasure and confidence that I offer an endorsement for Christine Dannhausen-Brun for School District 181 Board of Education.

I have known Christine for more than 15 years and have been impressed with her ability to manage multiple and competing demands on her time and energy. Christine has extensive community involvement and is a very productive and outcome oriented person. 

Her professional background in public health and policy is very impressive and truly relevant at this time.  This type of expertise is more important than ever given the pandemic and the ensuing sequela of COVID and the impact on families and social systems.  


Christine is a very good problem solver and I am confident of her ability to work through complex issues and work toward consensus in a group of peers.  I feel that she will be a great advocate and asset to the Board of Education and endorse her without reservation.  



Mary Beth Tamm MSN, BSN, PEL-CSN

School Nurse, North High School

4436 N. Main Street

Downers Grove, Il. 60515